Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick Note

Sorry All. For some reason i can't reply to the comments. Keeps saying there is an error on the page.

As for my results. Due to my anxiety we decided not to go over them. As I continue to get better I might ask to go over them later in the week. If I do go over them I will let u all know.

There was one finding they shared with me. I have some intestinal issue that is holding my body back from absorbing things..Like vitamins and minerals..certain enzymes and so on. that is being address right now. As this is my number one problem at the moment.

Certainly feeling better after just one treatment...Ways to go...But i'm on my way :)

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  1. I get that, too, Paul, but if I hit post comment a second time, it gives me a word to type in and works then.