Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Seven at the Hansa Center

So today was an interesting day. The bartonella seemed to be coming resistant to the remedy I was using. So the dr changed a bunch of things in the remedies. This should be the real big boom I'm looking for.

We now think the thyroid is a bigger problem then originally thought. So tomorrow I'm having my blood drawn and having my thyroid tested. Its been a while. And i haven't had it tested since using the bionic 880 which seems to mess up the thyroid a bit. Although a friend of mine using the bionic says the bionic helped her thyroid. So who really knows... I'm hoping my thyroid is high and more aggressive treatment will just be another way to make me feel even better. I have a lot of symptoms of a high thyroid...Welcome to Lyme disease

The weather today is awesome..Warm and sunny :)...We were gonna go to the zoo but just didn't make it. Hopefully tomorrow

Jody and Cj are doing great...Such team players..Couldn't do this with out them:)

As always would like to thank everyone for the comments emails phone calls ect....Real nice of you all

That's all for now
Be Well and Happy

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  1. Paul, excellent to hear your status reports. As you know, I had the thyroid issues as well but they have resolved now. I suspect though that you could have a different issue since you did not use photons much after you returned. Hard today but will be interesting to see the lab results. I look forward to talking with you more after your experience is complete. All the best, Scott