Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Six at the Hansa Center

The therapies continue to be the same. The big difference each day is working with the Dr to continue to adjust my treatments through BRS.

Over all i like where I'm heading that's for sure. We talked about some of my other issue that came up when I did the CRT test.

My Issue's are
Large intestine issue-Trouble getting nutrients out of food and supps. This is being addressed with supps
High Thyroid (thanks bionic). This is being address with supps as well.
Slow moving lymphatic system- This is being address with supps, ST8 and Infrared Sauna
I have some Hot teeth. When i get home I will be getting my silver fillings out. Silver fillings are deadly..Literally

For got to say we went to a Wichita St Shockers Game on Saturday. CJ had a blast

That's all for now!

Be Happy and Well

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  1. Paul I am happy to hear that everything is going well and that you are getting better everyday. It must be great having Jody and CJ with you for support. Everyone is praying and hoping that the old Paul will be back very soon :)

    Love Jamie